Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit graduates last EA-6B Prowler class

Story by Petty Officer 3rd Class Caleb Cooper, Navy Public Affairs Support Element, Det. Northwest 

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OAK HARBOR, Wash – The Center for Naval Technical Training Unit (CNATTU) graduated the final EA-6B Prowler Avionics Electronic Countermeasure course at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island (NASWI), Sept. 30.

The course comes to a close after a long and successful partnership at the training facility.

“The first communing class with the Marines was back in 1977,” said Cmdr. Kelly Bishop, executive officer, CNATTU. “So we’re talking 40 years of history with them here in this building.”

The Marines enjoyed the opportunity and personnel they’ve worked with while teaching at CNATTU.

“I’m pretty grateful for all the people I’ve had the privilege to work with here,” said Staff Sgt. Danny J. Mixon Jr., electronic countermeasure instructor.

The Marines set a good example and the Navy is disappointed to see them leave.

“It’s bitter sweet,” said Bishop. “They bring a lot to the table in the military with their overall professionalism and dedication. Working together with them has been a real honor.”

CNATTU Sailors and personnel supported the Marines in their standards and in their traditions.

“The Sailors here have been very accommodating for us and they’ve let us be Marines,” said Mixon. “They’ve actually promoted us and it’s been a really good experience in that aspect.”

The end of this chapter provides new opportunities for personnel to move on from here.

“I’m excited to go back to the fleet,” said Mixon. “It’s been a nice experience here. It’s probably my favorite job that I’ve done in the Marine Corps, being an instructor.”

The final class of Marines felt confident to go out into the fleet and perform the tasks and responsibilities they’ve been trained for.

“It’s probably going to take some getting used to but I feel pretty good about it,” said Pfc. William J. Vanore III. “I think me and my other classmates will do pretty well out there.”

For more information on CNATTU, visit:

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