Update older ID cards for access to Northwest Navy installations


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To ensure the security of our Navy installations and personnel, some older Retired Military IDs (normally those that still have “INDEFINITE” or “INDEF” in the “Expiration Date” block on the front of the ID) and family member cards, also referred to as TESLIN Cards — — must be updated to more current cards to allow appropriate identification checks and base access.  Personnel who possess these cards should report to their nearest Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) for a new, updated card, which includes capturing biometrics data  (fingerprint) that can also be scanned at the gates for installation access.

The Department of the Navy recently implemented a Defense-Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) at all manned installation access gates.  This system links electronically to a number of national databases, which ensures those who come aboard our installations are authorized and properly vetted for access.  DBIDS has the capability to primarily scan Common Access Cards, Navy Commercial Access Control Credentials, family member ID cards, and newer retired military ID cards.

Thank you for your attention and understanding — and patience at our gates — as we continue to ensure our personnel and assets are provided the highest level of protection possible.

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