I Am Navy Medicine: Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Shasta M. Campbell- Setting goals and moving forward

By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class (SW/AW) Gretchen M. Albrecht, Naval Hospital Bremerton Public Affairs (As part of an ongoing series showcasing Naval Hospital Bremerton Navy Medicine doctors, nurses, hospital corpsmen and support staff)


Naval Hospital Bremerton (NHB) recognized Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Shasta M. Campbell as the Junior Sailor of the 1st Quarter for Fiscal Year 2017.

Stationed at NHB for just over two years, Campbell transferred from Sasebo, Japan in 2012 with a clear focus and strong motivation to succeed. Her steady work ethic, lofty goals and successful endeavors helped set her apart from her peers and ultimately led to her selection.

“When I transferred from Branch Health Clinic in Sasebo I knew I wanted to hit the ground running when I got here because I have high aspirations and many goals I want to achieve,” said Campbell. “I heard labor and delivery was the most challenging place to work so I requested to go there. I wanted to prove to myself I could conquer the most difficult job.”

Conquer it she did. Campbell qualified and was promoted to team lead in two months, a position usually reserved for senior staff. She was recognized multiple times by command leadership for her acute recognition and active responses to critical patient situations. During this time she took on multiple collateral duties, volunteered with Navy Marine Corps Relief Society and Kitsap Humane Society all while meeting the demands of Northwest Beginnings Family Birth Center, the most active ward at NHB. Northwest Beginnings delivers approximately 57 infants per month.

“I have always loved medicine ever since I was a little girl. One day I hope to be a provider because I truly enjoy helping people and medicine inspires me,” said Campbell. “I have known since I was eight that I wanted to work in the medical field, and realized I wanted to do that while serving my country so I joined the Navy. I am a product of the Navy and I have seen first-hand the many opportunities the Navy gives to people if they are willing to work hard. I am very proud to be able to work in Navy Medicine because being able to help another person in a way they cannot help themselves is an extraordinary level of trust and honor.”

A Navy brat at heart, Campbell bounced from military installation after military installation attending 16 different schools while her dad served as a gunner’s mate and ultimately retired as a senior chief. She grew to love her supportive Navy family made up of her father’s friends and coworkers and appreciate the special bond and camaraderie they shared.

“I grew up around the Navy my whole life. Every base was different but the feeling that knowing there will always be people there when you need them. Having the opportunity to return that for another Sailor is something that will always have a special place in my heart,” she said.

At age 23 she signed her name and shipped off to boot camp to create her own adventure which Campbell stated has been an amazing experience ever since.

“Yes, there are ups and downs but that is life. I have created my own Navy family and have a lot to be thankful. The Navy provided me with opportunities to serve a country I love. Working in Navy Medicine not only is fulfilling my own dream, but (also) making a difference in other people lives.”

Campbell’s drive and motivation has set her apart once again leading to her hand selection to serve as an assistant command career counselor, a position usually held by more senior enlisted personnel.

“Campbell is an amazing Sailor and really sets the bar for her peers,” said Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Vincent Kucera, command career counselor leading petty officer. “She is dedicated to doing her job and looking out for the careers or 546 Sailors. She is a motivated leader in the command as well as an ambassador to the community.”

Her dedication also outside of work led to Campbell co-creating the Sailors Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (S.A.S.H.A.) organization; a Sailor-driven, grass-roots program aimed at increasing sexual harassment and assault awareness.

“While stationed in Sasebo my husband and I saw the need for a different approach to sexual harassment and assault awareness training following a 14 percent increase in assaults in the region. Assaults and harassment have such a large impact on not just those who experience it, but it affects the families and workers around them. Everyone deserves a safe and comfortable workplace,” said Campbell. “We came up with S.A.S.H.A. and have worked to implement it here after seeing the positive impact it had in Japan.”

Under Campbell’s leadership, the S.A.S.H.A. team continues to make solid strides at NHB with the implementation on quarterly ‘Single Sailor Dinners,’ adopting a local woman’s shelter and planning and organizing of a ‘Take Back the Night Walk’ scheduled for the end of April.

Campbell explained, “Take Back the Night originally was created because it was not considered safe for women, specifically nurses, to travel alone at night. We now walk for the safety of men and women in an effort to bring awareness to this important issue. We want our friends and family to be safe in our communities at all times.”

With support from her husband, Master at Arms 1st Class Michael Campbell, and her father, retired Senior Chief Gunner’s Mate Bruce D. Nicholson, Campbell’s dreams and goals continue to evolve and motivate her.

“I have reached a few goals such as earning my associate’s degree and starting S.A.S.H.A, but thanks to my dad and husband’s support and motivation I feel like there is more to be done and more ways I can learn and advance,” said Campbell. “As cheesy as it may sound my dad really is my hero and I work every day to live up to his example and make him and the rest of my family proud. One day I hope to surpass the legacy of service he set.”

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