ATGPAC visits John C. Stennis

Story by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kenneth Rodriguez Santiago

BREMERTON, Washington – Sailors from Afloat Training Group Pacific (ATGPAC) came aboard USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) to prepare John C. Stennis for success following the ship’s planned incremental availability.

Lt. Sam Clement, John C. Stennis’ assistant training officer, said ATGPAC evaluated the ship’s individual qualifications and required Navy Enlisted Classifications (NEC) in order to ensure the appropriate personnel are ready and available once the ship leaves the yards.

“We are doing training now to prepare for the basic phase to make sure we are ready to go back out to sea,” said Clement. “ATGPAC’s audits did reveal many of the common manning and training shortfalls associated with the maintenance phase. But that was the purpose of the visit, to help identify those short falls and to ensure we have a plan for correcting them.”

ATGPAC also focused on required schools for John C. Stennis Sailors.

“With the maintenance phase, we are sending Sailors to ‘C’ School,” said Clement. “We are making sure these Sailors know what to do so they can come back and teach other Sailors. We want to make sure the crew is ready to work as a team so we can smoothly go back out to sea.”

Finally, ATGPAC evaluated the ship’s training teams.

Clement said the purpose of this was to help ensure that the ship’s training teams are pointed in the right direction so they can effectively train the crew and be ready to be assessed.

“ATGPAC provided training and guidance in establishing drill packages for future use,” said Clement. “This training is exactly what we were looking for so we can prepare for the future.”

ATGPAC is scheduled to visit John C. Stennis for a graded evolution later this year.

“We’re definitely heading in the right direction,” said Clement. “There are a number of graded evolutions that will be coming up before John C. Stennis’ sustainment period and prior to deployment, this visit is going to set us up for success.”

John C. Stennis is conducting a planned incremental availability (PIA) at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, during which the ship is undergoing scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

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