Navy assists local community with more than 600 emergency calls


SILVERDALE, Wash. – During the 2016 fiscal year, Navy Region Northwest Fire and Emergency Services assisted the local community by responding to 628 emergency calls for services located off base.

These calls for assistance, which represented 25 percent of all calls the department received, are part of the Navy Region Northwest’s commitment to the surrounding community.

Navy Region Northwest, which encompasses eleven states and includes four Navy installations, partners with external community fire and first responders to ensure reciprocal support during emergencies. Of the 628 emergency calls for off base assistance, the region’s fire and emergency team responded to 57 fires, which accounted for 67 percent of the fire calls to which the department responded.

“The relationship with our mutual aid partners is critical to both the Navy and our community partners,” said Kurt Waeschle, fire chief for Navy Region Northwest Fire and Emergency Services who recently became one of only 1,210 people worldwide to become designated as a fire chief officer through the Center for Public Safety Excellence. “Our surrounding communities provide us with advanced life support treatment and transport. In exchange, we provide them with hazardous materials technicians in

three counties and fire/initial EMS care to the community when there resources are depleted or a fire

grows beyond the initial alarm. I feel very fortunate to be a part an amazing team of professionals that support both the Navy and local communities every day.”

Beyond the emergency responses, Navy Region Northwest Fire and Emergency Services and external community fire and first responders share training opportunities, including the Navy providing live fire training to community partners using the region’s fixed and mobile training devices.  In the event of a large scale emergency on any of the Navy’s installations, the community mutual aid partners provide the Navy additional resources to fight the fire, rescue patients and assist in treating victims’ medical conditions.

“The Navy has a large presence in the Pacific Northwest and we are committed to, and value, the relationships we have with our surrounding communities,” said Rear Adm. Gary Mayes, Commander, Navy Region Northwest. “We live here, too, and the relationships we maintain with our mutual aid partners is another way we give back to our community.”

For more information about the U.S. Navy Region Northwest, please call (360) 396-5398, or visit:


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