Navy Region Northwest Receives Annual Retention Excellence Award

Story by Petty Officer 3rd Class Charles Gaddis IV, Navy Public Affairs Support Element, Det. Northwest

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SILVERDALE, Wash. – Navy Region Northwest (NRNW) Installations received the annual Retention Excellence Award (REA) for fiscal year 2016.

The REA recognizes superior command accomplishments in executing programs and policies that best enable Sailors to succeed in their Navy careers.

“Sailors will stay in the Navy if they are happy when they come to work, the climate of the workplace is set from the top,” said Senior Chief Navy Counselor Jean-Hero Lamy, career counselor of NRNW. “The admiral sets the climate by setting the example and keeping their command free of sexual assault, providing an environment for Sailor advancement, and assuring Sailors and their families are taken care of.”

There are many criteria that each command must achieve in order to receive the REA.

“Commands take care of their Sailors by assuring their C-Way applications are submitted in a timely manner,” said Lamy. “Providing Career Development Boards, sponsors, and indoctrination classes.”

Eligible commands must achieve a minimum score of 90 points on the Annual Command Information Program Review, aggregate Zone “A” attrition rate less than five percent, and uphold no “Failed To Submit” incidences in the Career Navigator System.

“There is a lot of work put into keeping our Sailors up-to-date and their careers in order.” Said Lamy. “There is no way one person could handle all this work, this award requires an entire team.”

It takes a lot of hard work to achieve the award and Navy Region Northwest was up to the challenge.

“I don’t want people to think the REA is a career counselor award, it is not my award,” said Lamy. “It’s a full environment award given to an entire command based on the climate and the Sailors.”

After receiving the award, awardees may fly the Retention Excellence Pennant.

“Congratulations to the entire Navy Region Northwest team and all commands receiving the Retention Excellence Award,” said Capt. Tom Zwolfer, chief of staff for NRNW. “It’s a team effort to receive the REA and we have a great team of Sailors, Marines, and civilians at NRNW.”

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