Navy COOL Presents At Naval Base Kitsap

Story by Petty Officer 3rd Class Charles Gaddis IV, Navy Public Affairs Support Element, Det. Northwest

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SILVERDALE, Wash. – Representatives from Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) delivered a presentation on the Navy COOL program and explained how the program is beneficial to Sailors, during a visit to Naval Base Kitsap’s Bangor Plaza Ballroom, May 16.

Navy COOL helps service members find information on certifications and licenses related to their Navy rating, collateral-duty or out of rate assignment.

“Navy COOL helps professionalize the Navy workforce and is part of the Learning and Development Roadmap that Naval Education and Training Command provided,” said Thom Seith, a program analyst for Navy COOL. “It can help further Sailors’ careers.”

The battle for advancement and the fear of transitioning to a civilian sector job can be made easier with the proper credentials. Sailors can gain points on their advancement exam under the education category by receiving certain certifications, or even transition smoothly to the civilian side of their Navy job.

“Navy COOL can be used anywhere by Sailors across the globe,” said Seith. “It’s available on a public website that does not require a common access card password or logon, and it can be used by family members and educators. It’s a useful tool for people both in and out of the Navy.”

Many civilian jobs have certain professional and technical standards. Obtaining certifications and licenses shows that you meet these standards. For example, a welder can show his welding certifications to an employer to document that he has specific skills and knowledge. In the civilian world, credentials may be required for a job, or can make you much more likely to be hired for a job, according to the Navy COOL website.

Users can input their rating and see a list of certifications and licenses obtainable through Navy COOL. After selecting a certification or license, all the available information will show up, including a summary of the certification, eligibility, and related occupations.

Navy COOL will pay the cost of taking the exam for certification and licensing. That is money Sailors do not have to pay back, and they will also pay for recertification as long as the service member remains in the Navy.

“I hope Sailors understand the benefits of Navy COOL and use their own leadership skills to impress upon the Sailors they lead, to utilize this program to professionalize themselves in the Navy,” said Seith.

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