CPO 365 Phase 1 sponsors team building “Olympics” at NAS Whidbey Island

OAK HARBOR, Wash. – The Olympics is held every four years and is known for its display of top echelon athletes all performing at peak physical condition, but also, its ability to encourage camaraderie and interaction between the different peoples of the world.

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island tried something similar this week as the base hosted for the first time the Chief Petty Officer 365 (CPO 365) Phase I Olympics.

The CPO 365 Olympics offered a different tournament each day with bowling, the Navy’s physical readiness test, basketball and golf.

“The purpose of the CPO 365 Olympics is to bring the base commands together and do something culminating in the end of phase one.” Said Chief Aviation Maintenance Administrationman Christian Baatz, chairman of the CPO 365 Olympics.

First class petty officers eligible for the rank of chief petty officer participate in the CPO 365 Phase I program which offers training and mentorship for all potential future chiefs.

Chief Baatz explained the CPO 365 Olympics was an opportunity for Navy’s junior leadership to interact with its senior leadership.

“Each event had a minimum amount of people. Each command had to have at least a chief and a first class on the team. We’re trying to network and have some good fun with senior leadership.”

The event culminated on Friday with a luncheon at the Chief Petty Officers Club just off base for some casual socializing and to reveal the event’s winners.

Naval Ocean Processing Facility Whidbey Island was announced the winner and awarded the first annual CPO 365 Olympics trophy. The main intention, however, was to offer opportunities for mentorship to junior leadership in preparation for the upcoming CPO 365 Phase II in August which takes all the newly selected Chief Petty Officers through their initiation ceremony.

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