FCPOTT Conducts Fleet Leadership Training for Stennis Sailors

Story by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Ikenna Tanaka

BREMERTON, Washington – The U.S. Pacific Fleet Chief Petty Officer Training Team (FCPOTT) held leadership training for chief petty officers and first class petty officers assigned to USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) at the Naval Operations Support Center (NOSC) Kitsap Auditorium at Naval Base Kitsap Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, July 10 – 13.

The training is designed to provide Sailors with the tools needed to develop and strengthen effective leadership.

“This is considered a high-velocity leadership training,” said Command Master Chief Jasen Williams, one of the FCPOTT trainers leading the training, from Birmingham, Alabama. “A lot is covered in the six-to-eight hours that we have with the chiefs and first classes such as ethics, fundamentals, Sailorization and how to train the next generation.”

Some of the attendees were receiving FCPOTT for the first time, while for others, it was more of a review.

“This course is kind of like a refresher,” said Williams. “It’s recommended that chiefs and first classes get this training about every 18 months even though they have the tools in their tool box already. Sometimes you have to re-sharpen those tools.”

FCPOTT regularly receives positive feedback from the Sailors that attend, according to Williams, and promotes an energized environment filled with participation.

“The master chiefs selected have great personalities and are out-going,” said Information System Technician 1st Class Tyreeh Bailey, the leading petty officer in the automated data processing division of John C. Stennis’ combat systems department, from Colorado Springs, Colorado. “They’re training the Sailors as if they’re having a conversation and encouraging participation. [The training has] given me good tools to move forward, and try to improve and correct some of what I see and have the power to change.”

For more information on the FCPOTT visit http://www.facebook.com/fcpott.

To schedule training, email usff_fltcpotra@navy.mil; use “[CMD] SCHEDULE REQUEST” in the subject line.
John C. Stennis is conducting a planned incremental availability at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, during which the ship is undergoing scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

For more news on John C. Stennis, visit http://navy.mil/local/cvn74/ or follow along on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/stennis74.

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