Trident Training Facility Hosts 23rd Annual Damage Control Olympics on Naval Base Kitsap

Story by Petty Officer 2nd Class Wyatt Anthony, Navy Public Affairs Support Element, Det. Northwest

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SILVERDALE, Wash. (NNS) – Trident Training Facility hosted the 23rd annual Damage Control (DC) Olympics aboard Naval Base Kitsap (NBK) in the parking lot of Bangor’s Fitness and Aquatic Center, July 28.

The DC Olympics is a competition between local commands in the Pacific Northwest, testing teams on their damage control skills, like pipe-patching and fire hose handling.

“This year we were able to get 12 teams out here for the competition,” said Machinists Mate (non-nuclear, submarine auxiliaries) 1st Class Justin Able, the event coordinator.

“Today we will be running the teams through five different drills to test their [damage control] skills and efficiency,” said Able. “

The five different events at this year’s DC Olympics included “Save the Titanic” (a pipe-patching drill), “Nozzleman Sniper” and “Fire Ball Tug-of-War” (hose handling drills),
“Bucket Brigade” (a drill where teams of eight transported water from one 55 gallon drum to another using 1 gallon buckets) and “The DC Obstacle Course” (a course in which teams ran through an obstacle course while carrying damage control equipment.)

“[The DC Olympics] provides the opportunity to get Sailors from local commands out here and give them the chance to flex their DC skills in a little friendly competition,” said Able.

Though the DC Olympics are designed to boost morale and provide local commands the chance to socialize, interact and have fun all while competing against each other, it also provides Sailors with the chance to sharpen their DC skills.

“This is a great opportunity to provide Sailors with more DC training,” said Able, “and the events like “Fire ball tug-of-war” and “Nozzleman Sniper” really show the importance of communication skills.”

At the end of the day the team from the Ohio class ballistic missile submarine USS Maine (SSBN 741) took home the golden fire nozzle trophy, for the second year in a row.

“Today was a blast,” said Machinists Mate (nuclear) 2nd Class Daron Coull, a member of the USS Maine’s team. “It was so fun to be able to come out here and show off our training and hard work, and it is so awesome that we get to go back to the CO with the trophy for the second year in a row!”

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