Navy hosts first Seattle Fleet Week Stewardship Symposium

SEATTLE, Wash. — Commander, Navy Region Northwest (CNRNW) hosted the inaugural Seattle Fleet Week Stewardship Symposium at World Trade Center Seattle, Aug. 2.

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“This is our first Seattle Fleet Week stewardship-engagement event, and I think it went extremely well,” said Rear Adm. Gary Mayes, commander, Navy Region Northwest, who hosted the event. “It’s important for the Navy to continue to do this because the Navy can’t do what it needs to do without the understanding and support of our partner agencies.”

Leaders and representatives from the Navy, Congressional offices, EPA, U.S. Forest Service, Washington State, Land for Public Trust, other conservation and compatibility organizations, and counties and cities, attended the informational presentation and participated in discussions designed to raise awareness of the various missions, programs and projects being conducted by the Navy in the Pacific Northwest.

The event is part of an initiative to utilize Navy fleet weeks on the West Coast as opportunities to showcase the Navy’s role in environmental protection and community compatibility, and as a way to strengthen relationships with other government agencies.

Vice Adm. Nora Tyson, commander, U.S. 3rd Fleet, started the event by speaking about the importance of maintaining working relationships between the U.S. Navy and the local environmental and government agencies whom, in many cases, manage land that is utilized by the military.

“To me, this is one of the best things that we can get out of fleet week; engaging with people we work with every day,” said Tyson. “We need to work with you. We need to build relationships. We need to understand each other and what we do and how we complement each other.”

A presentation detailing the mission of the Navy in the Northwest and recent partnering highlights was conducted by Mayes, which was followed by a question and answer session.  Topics discussed during the active exchange included impacts of Puget-Sound region population growth, long-term civilian-military community planning and partnered successes in environmental projects.

“We share a continually growing list of environmental and compatibility success stories with our Puget Sound partners,” said Mayes. “Today’s event is a great way to bring our partners together to strengthen our relationships even further and help balance our critical Navy missions in the Pacific Northwest with our stewardship responsibilities.”

Click here to learn about the Navy’s most recent stewardship success stories.


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