NSSC Bangor Welcomes New Commanding Officer

Story by Petty Officer 1st Class Amanda Gray, Commander, Submarine Group Nine

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Naval Submarine Support Center (NSSC), Bangor, conducted a change of command ceremony at the Naval Undersea Museum, Nov. 18.

Cmdr. Andy Wiest, from Anderson, South Carolina, relieved Capt. Robert Jezek, from Fairfield, Ohio, and assumed the duties and responsibilities of commanding officer for NSSC during the ceremony.

“It has been a pleasure to lead you for the past 22 months,” said Jezek. “Life at NSSC is never dull. New challenges arise every day; some are somewhat predictable and others are unique. When I am asked what it is like to be the NSSC CO, I tell people that the issues are always the same it’s just the fine details that change. We have been fortunate to have extremely capable staff members and dedicated leaders that deserve the credit for our success.”

Jezek assumed command of NSSC on Feb. 20, 2015. During his leadership, the NSSC maintenance team scheduled and executed 26 ballistic-missile submarine Continuous Maintenance Availabilities (CMAV), which totaled more than 180,000 hours of scheduled and corrective maintenance. Additionally, the team supported the Ohio-class guided-missile submarines USS Michigan (SSGN 727) and USS Ohio (SSGN 726) through the planning and execution of two Major Maintenance Periods that totaled more than 270,000 hours of maintenance and 105 alterations. The NSSC team conducted seven 3M inspections, eight salvage inspections, 23 medical readiness inspections, 31 external radiation health audits and 14 QA assessments, ensuring all PACNORWEST units were ready to conduct their mission at peak readiness.

Also, under the leadership of Jezek, NSSC medical implemented the Navy’s first Submarine Medical Home Port. This included the increase in clinical space, support staff and supplies for the NSSC medical department which supports more than 3,500 active duty submarine Sailors.

“Men and women of NSSC, it has truly been an honor to serve as your Commanding Officer,” said Jezek. “This has been the pinnacle of my 24 year career as a submarine officer, but it is time for me to move on. I leave you in the very capable hands of Cdr. Wiest. He will lead you well. I only ask that you work as hard for him as you have for me.”

Jezek’s next duty station will be the Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Bangor, Washington.

Wiest comes to NSSC from Commander, Submarine Development Squadron 5, where he served as the Deputy for Readiness and Tactical Development. At this assignment, he supported multiple ship and detachment deployments on missions vital to national security.

“I would like to acknowledge that I am conscious of the extraordinary privilege I have been given,” said Wiest. “To command Naval Submarine Support Center, Bangor, in the most privileged military, of the most privileged country in the most privileged time period in human history. As such, my commitment to you, Admiral, to my crew, and to you, my fellow Americans, is that I will strive to earn this extraordinary privilege every day that I am in command.”

Naval Submarine Support Center Bangor provides centralized administrative and support services to local submarine squadron commanders, assisting them in their responsibilities for material, personnel, training, and logistics of assigned and visiting submarine

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