NSE Commissary Holiday Food Drive

Story by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Joseph E. Montemarano, Navy Public Affairs

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SMOKEY POINT, Wash. – Naval Station Everett’s (NSE) Smokey Point Commissary patrons donated thousands of pounds of food, at a total value of more than $5,490, to the Everett Gospel Mission for Women and Children during the holiday season.

Commissary patrons supported the holiday food drive, starting in November and ending January 3, by donating more than 250 bags of groceries for charity. The pre-made bags were filled with stuffing, cranberries, pumpkin pie mix, as well as basic food items to be purchased by patrons for donation.

“During the holiday season we focus on the women and children because we know that they tend to get left behind, especially the kids,” said Javonda Parker, manager, NSE Smokey Point Commissary. “We want to make sure that they have enough by donating milk, cookies, crackers, and cereal, anything that you would buy at a grocery store.”

When perishable items near their sell by date need to be taken off the self to make room for new products, the commissary donates the usable goods to those in need.

“Anything that is damaged, like a ripped box, we cannot sell it inside the store, but we can donate it,” said Parker. “It is still a good product that can be consumed. Our food inspectors examine what we donate to make sure what we are donating is up to standard.”

The Commissary’s management hopes to be able to extend their donation period when their seasonal food drive resumes in October.

“This is an exciting program and we hope to expand it next year to reach more communities,” said Parker.


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