Northwest petty officer selected as Wounded Warrior of the Year

By Eddie Garcia, Northwest Regional Director, Navy Wounded Warrior-Safe Harbor program

Northwest-based U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Jacob Watt was selected as the Wounded Warrior of the Year for 2018.

Watt, one of Navy Region Northwest’s wounded warriors, exemplifies what it means to be a Resilient Warrior. Over the past year, Watt has not only been a mentor to other Wounded Warriors, but also began pursuing his dream of becoming an aviation mechanic and commercial airline pilot.

After an extensive recovery period, Watt not only passed a rigorous FAA cognitive screening, but also completed a 9-month long internship as an aviation mechanic for a major commercial aviation company. His supervisor called Watt’s recovery team several times during the internship to ask for more Warriors like him, describing Watt as “the best and hardest working mechanic he’s ever hired.”

Watt also takes the time to attend community and networking events to further his growth and to mentor other Wounded Warriors and transitioning service members.

Watt credits his wife, Mallory, for being his dedicated and strong supporter.  “She knew this journey would be hard, but she never gave up on me and our adventure has only just begun,” he says.

Join us in wishing the Watts a bright and happy future together. They have shown us what courage and commitment look like through their resilience and continued selfless service to others.


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